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I have always wanted to start a site. I wanted to talk about my life but I contemplated. Then I met Jay. Then I wanted to start a site for us. But I procrastinated. More than two years later, this is what I have now, a humble beginning. Just like any couples, we have been through many good and hard times together and this is one reason what this site is for: to put down our story in writing. So that this blog will witness our existence and hopefully we can flip through the archives one day and laugh at the silly things we did and be touched by Jay's heroic deed. Hi, I am Kay, we are boyfriends and this is the our story.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

This blog is currently defunct.

My intention of starting this blog is to jot the journeys of Jay and Kay. Until today, my intention has always remained the same. I am proud that this blog has garnered quite a number of readers over the years. However I did not expect this blog to have such an impact on our lives that it has affected both of us publicly.

Both of us are still very close at heart.

Thank you for your support, your words and your visit.

Sorry for this sudden news.

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